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The President and the board of the Turkish Medical Association have been jailed, today, for declaring that war is a public health problem causing irreparable physical, psychological, social and environmental damages.

This obvious declaration has been considered a crime. The mission of doctors, everywhere, is to care and cure the sick and wounded people, irrespective of their status, religion, political view.

For years, in that area, doctors had been working and dying due to weapons of any origin, to perform their profession and saving others' lives in extremely difficult situations. All because this is their job and, better than any others, they know what war is.

Therefore it is unacceptable that the representatives of Turkish Doctors are jailed because they said that they are against war.

On behalf of all European Hospital Doctors, we ask the Turkish Authorities to release immediately our colleagues, as far as the Turkish Government considers itself a Democracy.

Dr Enrico Reginato
FEMS President