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Bulgarian Medical Chamber

Bulgarian National Report, October 2016

Despite the lengthy negotiation process on prices and volumes between NHIF and the Bulgarian Medical Association, the organization's council voted against signing a new framework agreement. The reasons for this are:
1. Lack of timely prepared regulations relating to the subject of the framework contract:
- Regulation of access to medical care
- Healthcare Map of the medical establishments
2. A significant part of the regulations are in the process of judicial review.
3. NHIF intention of introducing fingerprint identifier for patients, using the medical services, paid by the Fund.

In response to this, the Supervisory Board of NHIF published unilaterally made an administrative act, and thereby violate current legislation.
The Fund's actions led to a restriction in funding for hospitals that decline by about 7-8%.

These events caused tension among the doctors all over the country which grew into protests started by GPs.

The Management Board of the Bulgarian Medical Association, as an emergency case, annaunce a national protest under the slogan "Real reform for real medicine" in support of general practitioners.

The protest was held on 06.04.2016.

The Governmental institutions tried to stop the protest, putting pressure on the directors of state and municipal hospitals.

Despite the obstacles, in front of the Council of Ministers in Sofia, 3000 Bulgarian doctors from around the country on a two-hour protest, took their confidence from the Minister of Health. Media announced that it is the mass protest against politics in healthcare.
The opposition of the BMA to introduce fingerprint ID as a login NHIF proved not to be obstacle to the government and now it applies.
NHIF conduct a media campaign to promote it. Through her institutions make false suggestions in the public that medical professionals abusing the interests of patients receiving undeserved salaries and injuring fund. These statements undeserved ruin public confidence in the doctors.

The introduction of this method of logging in the NHIF cannot solve problems with the control functions of the Fund with respect to the bad practices of "inscribing" of medical activities and unjustified spending of public resources.
In BMA no information about the existence of such a system in other European countries. The introduction of fingerprint ID is loading up medical institutions additional administrative and financial.

In conclusion suggests that continued policy of underfunding of the sector. Still in Bulgaria separate 4% of GDP on health care. Every citizen dispose of approximately 450 lev / 220 euro / public financial resources of the health fund without trend to change in the coming years.
BMA continues to work for the valuation of the work of all workers in the health care system.

We insist on the introduction of a second financial pillar, which provides additional package of medical activities.

Our efforts are aimed at adoption of budget 2017, which prevails to the importance of outpatient care.

In connection with the International Day of European Doctors entitled "Protecting our health", of 24/10/2016 BMA organized a round table on "Problems in the financing of health care." These activities are against the reduction of health care resources.

Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA)