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Diana Voicu

Czech Republic


National Report on Health Care - Czech Republic,

October 2016

2016 as in 2015 doctors´ salaries have been raised by 5 %. For the year 2017 10% increase is agreed.

Despite this fact exodus of doctors (mostly hospital doctors) from the Czech health care continues.

Hospitals are understaffed and physicians are expected to work overtime hours. Currently, the average is around 100 overtime hours per month. Often more. Working time overload is a genuine burden for hospital physicians - leads to exhaustion, burnout syndrome and impacts negatively patient safety and health care quality.

Increased payments from public insurance only cover increased wages of existing staff. Financial resources to employ additional doctors are not created. Therefore the system is not able to work towards EWTD compliance.

Recently in addition to the shortage of doctors, hospitals struggle with shortage of nurses, which paralyzes a number of hospital departments.

Economic growth and job opportunities outside the health care lead to further outflow of health workers outside the sector.

The situation is complicated by the very slow and unsystematic approach to the medical education Law amendment which is related to unpredictability in the legal system and uncertainty in doctors’ competence and responsibility. This is another reason of young doctors’ discontent. They are heading for countries with clearer and more predictable work environment.