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Diana Voicu

Czech Republic


Information about the health care in Czech Republic 
May – October 2017

Since May 2017, the situation in the Czech healthcare has not changed fundamentally. 

Because of continuing shortage of nurses a number of hospital departments are on the verge of closing or have to reduce the number of beds. We still face the problem of doctors working a significant amount of overtime beyond the legal limits. 

In addition, there is more and more talk about the problem with nurses’ shortage but the number of doctors is often not considered to be insufficient. 

Despite the fact that there is an increase of 10% of the basic salary planned for 2018 (from 2015 achieved an increase of 30%), working conditions are still getting worse due to hospital staff shortages.

Moreover, parliamentary elections will take place on 20-21 October – for longer-term measures there is at the moment no partner to negotiate with.