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FEMS October 2015: situation in France since May 2015

Few changes in France since May. The mission of the attractiveness of medical careers is complete. The report was given to the Minister for Health but has still not been made public. No concrete proposal has yet been made on the matter. Yet the attractiveness is the only remedy to the closure of hospital services.
Several emergency services had to close down this summer in France after failing to find doctors to practice. This was pretty much related by various media. It is likely that there have been other closures or significant reductions, no media relating it. This is why we have decided to launch an online survey to try to have feedback from the field on these closures.

Medical Acting therefore is no longer enough to fill the holes and services are beginning to close because not enough have been doctors trained in France since 25 years. This situation will continue to worsen for at least five years. Yet the government does not seem to want to hurry to find a solution to this problem, which necessarily requires funding by the State and measures promoting hospital medical recruitment as well as keeping doctors already present

The health care law is still under discussion. It is currently in the Senate and will return to the National Assembly in October. It is likely that we will soon observe social movements in liberal medicine, because more impacted than hospital medicine by this Act.

The decree of November 8, 2013 on the organization and compensation of the continuity of care, for which we regret the very slow application. It has finally been partially invalidated by the State Council as a result of our actions. France therefore finds itself, again, with no text allowing the respect of the 2003/88 European Directive. So again we wrote to the European Commission through our lawyer. The health minister is committed to quickly publish new texts, consistent with the French law.