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Diana Voicu



Italian National Report, October 2016

The situation of the Italian national health system (“SSN”) has not changed, compared to the report presented in Cyprus in May 2016, which is available at the end of the article in order to complete the picture of the current period. Furthermore, Italian Trade Unions think that the current situation of the SSN is extremely worrying due to incremental cuts in funding, federalism, professional humiliation and increasing inequality at the expense of citizens. The announced collapse of a national and public health system marks the end to the right to health. Health policies are still missing. They should identify the future for public health, which has no place in the agenda of the Italian government. Doctors and healthcare managers, especially young people, have already paid a high price for the fiscal consolidation in absolute terms and purchasing power of their salaries, not to mention the growing employment unease. News about cuts in funding for the SSN worries the Medical Workers’ Union even more. They are asking the need for sustainability of the SSN, they are laying claim to a new contract able to give governance and innovation to the health system, they are in a state of high agitation and they're threatening a general strike if their request is not accepted. Furthermore, the Italian government, despite having transposed the provisions of the European Community, has failed to implement them, because it hasn't organized any competition procedures for the employment of medical personnel.

ANAAO - SNR Joint Report.