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Diana Voicu


LAD - Landelijke Vereniging van Artsen in Dienstverband

National Report The Netherlands
September 2018

Since the last meeting in June there are few developments of interest.

Negotiating Collective Labour Agreements

CLA University Hospitals
In June we already mentioned that there still is no agreement for the University Hospitals, due to the disappointing proposals of the employers’ association.

This summer we started to campaign for better labour conditions and a good CLA. Because patient care always comes first we are reluctant to strike. Therefor we looked for patient-friendly campaigns, which started just before the summer holidays. After the summer holidays, there were two informal consultations between the unions and the employer association. Unfortunately, the consultations did not bring what we hoped for: a basis tot (re)start the formal negotiations. Now we are preparing for a more firm campaign, but still remaining patient-friendly. We sincerely hope the employers will improve their proposals so we can start to re-negotiate at the shortest possible term.

CLA GP employed in medical health care centers
In our report of June we stated as follows: ‘This CLA is an addition to the CLA Medical Centers. This CLA expired December 31st 2017 and unions and employers association are discussing about the question if this CLA should be continued or should be combined with other CLA’s concerning GP healthcare. At this moment the focus is on the legal (im)possibilities of the proposal of the employers association. For LAD the main concern is maintaining the level of the working conditions and a level playing field in the GP healthcare’

In august employers and employees agreed on a CLA without new policies, a short duration (14 months) and a 1,75% structural increase of salaries. The empoyers associations is convinced that is it possible to dismantle the CLA by march next year. LAD and the other unions do not think this is a very realistic timeline and, more importantly, we believe that dismantling the CLA does not bring any advantages for our members. Differentiating working conditions within the medical centers between different sections will bring no improvements whatsoever. However, we want to remain ’on speaking terms’ with the employers, so we did agree on their proposal for a short and policy free CLA.