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LAD - Landelijke Vereniging van Artsen in Dienstverband

National Report The Netherlands
October 2016

Developments in negotiating Collective Labour Agreements

The LAD is involved in 12 CLA’s and 3 labour agreements. Between May and October 2016 we achieved the following results and progress:

• In May negotiations resulted in a new CLA for occupational physicians which are employed at ‘Arbo Unie’. Their salary will be increased with 2% and arrangements regarding overtime were agreed upon. All members agreed with this new CLA.
• At this moment we negotiate for the CLA for employees in nursing and care homes. The negotiations are difficult because of differences of opinion between the different unions. This resulted in a discontinuation of the negotiations in June. After the summer holiday negotiations restarted with an independent chairman.
• In May the negotiations for a new CLA Universities are suspended because of a lean offer of the employers. In September the unions informed the employers that they would like to restart the negotiations.
• The negotiations for a new CLA for employees of SBOH, for junior general practitioners and junior doctors elderly care are also suspended, because the employer won’t increase the salaries. This fall the negations will be restarted.
• The template for a new CLA for general practitioners employed in medical centres is made.
The employers' organization has made a final offer, which will be submitted to the LAD-members.
• In August the negotiations for a new CLA for employed pharmacists started in a constructive setting. Together the LAD and the employers’ organizations have the intention to finalize a new CLA before December 2016.
• The negotiations for a new CLA general hospitals and for the mental care sector will start this fall.
Pension contributions under attack

The turmoil concerning the effects of a new pension law, which no longer allows fiscal advantages for annual gross incomes over 100,000 euro, regrettably continues. After trying for months to come to a solution, medical specialists in general hospitals decided to boost the pressure on this process in the spring of 2016. Since April they don’t participate in some meetings. In 47 general hospitals there were successful protests on June 21th.

Medical specialists worked like it was a Sunday; they didn’t treated any patients. After these protests the LAD and the employers’ organization agreed that an inconvenient situation on both levels was created. During the summer the negotiations restarted with an external mediator.
Psychiatrists employed in the mental care sector experience the same problems. In 29 organizations in this mental care sector medical specialist will protest on November.

Individual legal services
During the first 6 months our legal department handled in 1.500 cases. Most cases were related to new and existing labor contracts. Clients of this department are mainly medical specialists who will be advised on their contracts, pension, CLA and labor disputes.