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LAD - Landelijke Vereniging van Artsen in Dienstverband

National Report The Netherlands
October 2017

Negotiating Collective Labour Agreements 

In the past six months many agreements are concluded, sometimes after many consultation rounds. The economy in The Netherlands shows a great upgoing line and as a result, the demand for employees is increasing. This results in relatively high percentages of increasing of salary in the CLA’s. However, the healthcare sector is still being confronted with a growing demand for healthcare and therefore with an increasing of costs. Budgets are not always sufficient enough to answer the demand and many healthcare institutions have to take much effort not to make loss. This has a tempering effect on the grow of the salaries.

CLA ArboUnie

CLA ArboUnie is a relatively small CLA for 1,000 occupational physicians. The CLA has a duration from January 1st 2017 until December 31st 2017. The salaries will be increased with 2.5% from June 1st and agreements are made on healthy and vitally labour conditions.

CLA General Hospitals

This CLA is concluded for approximately 200,000 employees, excluding the Medical Specialist. For the latter group, spate negotiations are recently started. The duration of this CLA is quite long; from July 1st 2017 until April 1st 2019. Salaries will be increased with 1,75% from july 1st 2017 and with 2% from July first 2018. Also, agreements are reached on the pension discussion. This is a very important result for the LAD and its members. 

CLA Dutch Universities

For the 52,000 employees of the Dutch Universities a CLA is concluded with a duration from July 2nd 2016 until July 1st 2017. Salaries will be increased with 1.4% from January 1st 2017. Also employees and employers associations have made plans on decreasing the work pressure. Meanwhile the preparation for the negotiations for a new CLA is started.

CLA Mental Healthcare
The CLA Mental Healthcare is concluded for 85,000 employees. They receive a raise of 1,35% from July 1st 2017 and a raise of 1,60% from July 1st 2018. Also the the Christmas bonus will be increased to 8,05% on December 1st 2017 and to 8,33% on December 1st 2018. The duration of the CLA is from March 1st 2017 until June 1st 2019. Also in this CLA agreements are concluded on the pension discussion.

CLA Youth Care

The CLA Youth care has also a relatively long duration; from January 1st 2017 until April 1st 2019. The 31,000 employees receive a increasing of their salaries of 1,65% from July first 2017 and an increasing of 2% from July 1st 2018. Also arrangements are made on decreasing work pressure and on the principle that
employees receive a permanent labour contract.

Recently, an agreement is concluded for the employees of the Academic Hospitals. There was disagreement on the payment of an increasing of the salaries between employees and employers. The employers did a final bid and after consulting the members the employee associations have accepted the bid. 

Internal Matters

- LAD president Christiaan Keijzer has debated on national with a member of the Dutch parliament over the question whether all doctors should be salaried employees. Some parties in the parliament suggest that costs will be reduced when this is the case. The LAD, however, strongly doubts this thesis and believes that doctors should decide by themselves whether the would like to work as a salaried employee or as an independent doctor.
- A platform is initialized for LAD-members. On this platform, they can give feedback on the service the LAD offers its members. 


- LAD participates in a research on working on unsocial hours in the disability care
- In the LAD-magazine, LAD has published the results of a research on empathy in the consulting room. The researched was done in response to a publication of a Dutch general practitioner on this theme earlier this year.
- LAD also participates in a research on psychosocial work pressure of ERdoctors Meetings
- In cooperation with De Geneeskundestudent, the union that takes care of the interests of medical students, LAD has organized a invitational conference about the lac of students choosing specific specialisations. The unpopularity of these specialisations results in serious deficiency in some areas in The Netherlands. In discussion with several stakeholders, solutions for the problem are explored. In august, a special of the LAD-magazine on this theme has appeared.
- Together with the Federation of Medical Specialists, the LAD initialized the project ‘Salaried Medical Specialists united on turn’. FMS and LAD give support to salaried medical specialists who want to take more responsibility for en enlarge their influence of the strategic decisions made by the board of their institute. In June a first meeting for salaried medical specialists took place as a start of this project.