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Diana Voicu

OZZL - Ogólnopolski Związek Zawodowy Lekarzy

National Report 2017

National Report Poland - Autumn 2017 - OZZL
Report on the situation of doctors action in Poland

Our young doctors in training, representing „OZZL Agreement of Resident Doctors”, started 2nd October 2017 with action of Rotational Hunger Protest, which is located in Children’s Teaching Hospital in Warsaw. On a rotation basis representatives of doctors from entire Poland participate in this action. That day most young doctors in Poland took day-off to donate the blood as honorary blood donors. It was an expression of the support for doctors performing the hunger strike in Warsaw. The finish time of this strike is indefinite.

We protest against:
• not-taking by the government action which indeed will improve the situation of the public health care,
• hampered access of sick persons to diagnosing and medical treatment,
• queues for curing and diagnosing,
• difficult working conditions of the medical personnel,
• overwork of the medical workers as a result of the lack of personnel, low wages for the basic working hours, lack of the minimal safety norms of the employment,
• inappropriate expenditure on the public health care towards the scope of guaranteed benefits.

The health care in Poland is plunged into the permanent crisis. It is so for years, however we hoped that the current government would change something for better. Unfortunately, he is following in his predecessors' footsteps and treats the health care in disregarding way. He is implementing seeming changes, not doing what is really needed.

Young doctors, full of ideals, entering this system, are getting the icy shower. The situation is dramatic on many plains: staff shortages, queues humiliating the sick persons, extreme underfunding of the health care. The work more than strength became the norm for the medical personnel.

Not only young, but most doctors in Poland are giving the sleeping up, they are shortening their rest, they are shortening to minimum the time for their own children, and all of that for the purpose to redeem the schedule and to give the patient proper care and protection.

Young doctors in training, representing „ OZZL Agreement of Resident Doctors”, told: enough! There is no consent for doctors deaths during their duties because of overwork. There is no consent for humiliating the patient by the health care system. There is no agreement for total resignation from the private life of doctors just for „patching holes” of the public health care system. And finally – there is no more consents to the inactivity of the government.

Ryszard Kijak, OZZL Poland