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Diana Voicu


FNAM, SIM, Ordem dos Medicos

National Report Portugal, October 2016


The Socialist Party (PS) keeps the governing agreement with the parties to the left (Left Bloc and the Portuguese Communist Party).

The reversal of salary cuts (imposed on public officials by the previous government), and the progressive increase of the minimum wage, are some of the large banners negotiated between the parties, which are being taken, progressively, with the exception of the payment reversal of 100% which unfortunately remains.

On the other hand, the value of public debt around 130% of GDP, the intense pressure from the opposition and the European Union lead to a governance with a constant concern for the public deficit, and the concept of "budgetary neutrality" essential to all negotiations involving the agreement of the Ministry of Finance.
Of the various coordination created by the Minister of Health with reformist view of the National Health Service (NHS), until now only the coordination of Primary Health Care presented concrete labour to unions.
The intention on the bet in the NHS was reiterated by the Minister at a recent meeting of the Council of Ministers, dedicated to the NHS, where he announced, among other measures, the creation of the medical mobility incentives for needy geographical areas. We look forward to concrete proposal, before being approved.

It is in proposal stage a legislative document about the "Act on Health" defining and regulating the actions of the biologist, nurse, pharmacist, physician, dentist, nutritionist and psychologist... The proposal is vague on the delimitation of the doctor of competence.
As union conquests in 2016 we highlight clarifying the application of the night compensatory rest for doctors and a placing rapid competition for all new specialists in the NHS.

The main current problems include: opening specific training places in insufficient numbers for placing all candidates, remuneration stagnation of doctors in the NHS and maintaining court at payment of overtime.
For this end of year 2016 expected to be a tense negotiation period with the Ministry of Health, with the definition of the State Budget for 2017. The unions require the negotiation of new salary scales and the restitution of the cuts in payment of overtime physicians.

The two Unions (FNAM and SIM) keeps a convergent action policy in essential aspects in defending the interests of doctors.