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Diana Voicu


FNAM, SIM, Ordem dos Medicos

September 2018

The Socialist Party (PS) maintains a government agreement with the parties to it´s left (Bloco de Esquerda and the Portuguese Communist Party).

Despite economic growth, priority concerns remain with the budget deficit, to the detriment of public service reforms. The impact on the National Health Service (NHS) is very worrying and has been denounced at all levels.
The process of thawing the careers of public workers is taking a slow and polemic course. For practical purposes still hasn´t initiated for medical doctors.

The main problems remain the following: salary stagnation of physicians in the NHS, the opening of an insufficient number of specific training places for all candidates, sub-budgeting and lack of necessary reforms in the NHS.

We have no significant work achievements to register since the last FEMS Assembly, even after a 3-day strike in May this year, with significant adherence. The Ministry of Health remains unmoved by our arguments.

We highlight, as main demands:
- The decrease in the number of mandatory overtime
- The decrease of patient lists for family physicians
- The decrease of the emergency service during normal hours of hospital doctors
- Immediate negotiation of the wages of the medical career
- Creation of a special status for the medical profession, regarding early retirement

The two Trade Unions (FNAM and SIM) maintains a policy of convergent action on the essential aspects of defending the interests of doctors.

The Portuguese Medical Association has shown public support in this process.