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Diana Voicu

National Report Autumn 2016

Romanian Federative Trade Union Chamber of Physicians

Country Report

During the last FEMS General Assembly, the following events took place. 

1. The wage law, which had to double the wages of doctors on 1 June 2017, was postponed twice, for lack of money. Under pressure from union federations nurses and support staff salaries will increase to January 1, 2018 only 25% for all employees in the health system and doubling the promised wages of doctors, has been postponed again, this time to March 1, 2018. Since the law was passed and promulgated, we look forward to materialize the promises rulers, even with a delay of almost a year.

2. The situation regarding the principle of representativeness has not changed in any way. The obligation to represent "50% + 1 of all employees" still creates big problems for our federation to social dialogue from all levels

3. Following the measles epidemic and the death of 32 children, a new law on vaccination is intensively discussed. The basic issue is how the state can force parents to vaccinate their children, putting restrictions on enrollment in schools and kindergartens of unvaccinated children.

4. Another problem is the government's proposal to change the tax code so that all taxes to the state are transferred from the employer to the employee, so that the employer is totally exempt from paying the taxes. The stated goal is to reduce tax evasion. Trade unions consider that this measure only results in an additional burden on the employee and a sharp decrease in his earnings. Together with the confederation we are affiliated with, we will participate in extensive protests against this measure.

5. Another normative act prepared by the governors is the document that aims to increase the retirement age from 65 to 67 years in order to avoid a crisis of the public pension system.

6. Our Federation made requests to the Parliament, the Presidency and the People's Advocate Institution to correct some errors in the wage law and the regulation of bonuses, which harm both the salary and the working conditions of the doctors, but we have not received any response yet satisfactory.

7. The issue of having a day after a doctor's night off has not yet been resolved, as the staffing norm has remained unchanged. In this regard, we have not yet received any response to our numerous requests.

8. A problem arising from the promulgation of the new wage law is the appearance of the "48 hours per week mandatory for doctors" in the text of the law. We have drawn attention to the fact that, according to the "labor code" in Romania, the working time of a doctor is 35 hours a week, and this provision is a violation of the law and an abuse. Neither we have yet received a response to this request. 

9. At the beginning of September, the government drafted an ordinance with a view to a budgetary rectification, in order to supplement the budgets of all sectors of activity, including the health sector. In an analysis of this document, we can see that the budget supplementation is still unhappy, with the health system requiring a lot more funds.

10. At the end we announce that our Federation is doing 25 years of activity this year, and on October 27, 2017 in Bucharest, a ceremony and a festive dinner will take place. On this occasion we make an invitation to FEMS Leadership, to honor our presence at this event.