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Diana Voicu



for the FEMS General Assembly in Brussels, September 2018

Nothing special happened in the summer period after we had the FEMS meeting in Lisbon. In june in Slovenia we had parlamentary elections and we were waiting till the 13th of september to get the new Government confirmed. Because of that, we did not have the opportunity to talk to anybody to make progress in our achievements to solve open problems. The problems still remains the same, they were mentioned in the National Report in Lisbon. We have, hopefully now, our new Minister of Health and we expect to be invited as soon as possible to discuss current problems to be solved immediatelly. We believe that medical doctors in the Coordination of Medical Organisations can help him a lot, give him the right ideas how to improve our Health Care System.

On the other hand, till now, we were not considered the ideal partner for this kind of negotiations. Regarding FIDES, our doctors trade union, we are strongly determined to finish our open goals left insolved by the former Government. A lot of work have to be done and we will not hesitate to enter in contact with the Prime Minister and his co-workers. Our principal goal is to step out from the uniformed salary system in the Public sector and to be a single partner in further negotiations with the Government.