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Diana Voicu



National Report Spain
September 2018


Bad working conditions are still the main problem in the Spanish National Health System (NHS). According to the study carried out by the Medical Chamber together with CESM that was presented on May 2017:

- 48, 8% of doctors working in the public health system have no fixed position: 39% of them have been in this temporary situation for over 10 years and 27% have contracts of six months or less time.

- 65% of Spanish doctors say they have suffered aggressions in the exercise of medicine. The profile is mainly women between 41 and 60 years old.

- 2nd / 3rd-year resident doctors (MIR) are not constantly supervised during their daily care work. 35% of them complain about not being able to rest after on-call duty. The percentage rises up to 67.6% among 5th-year residents. - 52% of the 15,500 doctors have difficulties in reconciling work and family (33% are men).


A second study, this one on medical demography, also carried out by our national medical trade union and the Medical Chamber Organization (OMC), presented on July 2017:

- There is no shortage of doctors (the country registers 384 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants, above the European average, which stands at 344) although they are not well distributed by specialties or geographical areas. The deficit is remarkable in rural areas due to the lack of professional incentives (Neurosurgery, Urology, Pathology, Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology).

- It is estimated that around 70,000 doctors will retire in the next ten years.

- There is a mismatch between the 6,513 MIR positions in 2018 (training resident doctors) and 14,448. More than half will be unable to access to specialized healthcare training. 

- Women are already more than 50% of the medical staff.

POLITICAL CHANGE It will be a short and a transitional legislature "nothing will be done but everything will be promised". Meanwhile, there is no answer to doctors' request to reverse the drastic salary cuts we suffered during the last years due to the economic crisis, which have led to lower wages ( in some complementary retributions) than nurses as well as the return to the 35h/week.