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Report Spain, October 2016

Spain remains without an "effective" Government due to the inability of the main political parties to reach an agreement to govern. No party, hold the majority in the Parliament. However, CESM considers that this situation should not affect the Spanish Public Healthcare System, especially when "all" political parties agreed to improve the deficiencies.

During the XII Congress of CESM, held during the end of May, our organization denounced the lack of decisions taken on healthcare policy and demanded the implementation of "the State Agreement signed on 2013" to address this situation.
The following events describe the current situation:

-The Autonomous Communities (with competences in healthcare management) have reduced their total health budgets down to 8.000 million euros, since 2010.
-There are autonomous communities with an annual per capita budget of 1. 600 euros, while others barely reach 1.000 euros.
-The surgical waiting lists, diagnostic tests and the workload are becoming unbearable.
-The purchasing power of doctors is 25% lower than before the cuts of 2010.

Our organization demands, as a first step, better funding. Regarding this matter we must highlight that the direct investment of the Spanish Government has gradually declined since 2010. At that time it represented the 6.5% of the GDP and now is barely 6%, which helps to explain the situation previously described.
At the professional field, CESM has set two main objectives.

1) Recover the pay cuts: Restore basic remuneration as it was in 2010. Doctors have suffered a salary reduction of 9.8%, compared to the 5% on average for public servants.
2) Promote the stability in employment: It is unacceptable that nearly 50% of doctors working for the public healthcare system are "not permanent workers" and the 20% of contracts are for weeks or months.

Our proposals in this regard are:
- Ensure the conversion of temporary staff with fixed-term employment contracts with the public health service, into permanents posts.
- Staff must adapt to the real needs and all vacancies must be covered. Since 2010, at least 10.000 medical posts throughout Spain have been lost, causing deficit of employees in many medical units.