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Diana Voicu

Turkish Cyprus

Cyprus Turkish Medical Association

Report for the Cyprus Turkish Medical Associatıon,

October 2017

Private clinics of doctors working in state closed in August 2017, and several doctors resigned from there post in the government at this period Some clinics closed because of lack of specialist but after attempts by union and association regulation was passed from the minister’s office to allow state doctors to work in private hospitals and in private firms. This has to some extent slowed down the resignation of doctors and some pulled back resignation letters.

However, the government has not yet fully done what they were supposed to do. The situation is not very clear yet. State doctors are not very happy and motivation is very low. Plus, some investigation retrospective is started to be carried out! For doctors in state charging them doing work in private.

Although government doctors and other civil servant are doing private work all these years, government was closing her eyes and was not doing anything

Government all these years have not managed to raise the salaries of doctors instead by gentlemen’s agreement they allowed state doctors to work privately. Now as the private sector getting stronger is forcing the minister of health to implement the law retrospectively, which is not fair. Currently this is the most important issue in the north part of Cyprus .

Medical association is continuously reminding minister of health and government to improve the state hospitals, raise the salaries of doctors and pass the law about general health insurance to allow the patients to reach any doctor either private or state without having any financial burden. Hopefully this will increase the competition between doctors to improve the health system in country as general.