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Diana Voicu

Turkish Cyprus

Cyprus Turkish Medical Association

Report for the Cyprus Turkish Medical Associatıon,

October 2016

Since your last visit to Cyprus, not any outstanding change happened in the north part of the island.

Still we have unequal salaries between doctors and this is causing continuous loss of the doctors from the government hospitals. This is increasing the workload on the doctors who are continuing to work.

As the minister of health (MoH) has told you last time, not any outstanding changes happened in the ways hospitals are working. What we hear is that the MoH is working to improve the conditions.

New government hospital project is underway but without making major changes in the system the chances of improvement in the health care is unexpected.

Despite protest about nuclear central in southern coast of turkey is underway.

General health insurance we are still working on it. So far nothing has changed.

Pressure from private sector hospitals to transfer the patients from government hospitals to private hospitals are increasing without any proper agreement between the MoH and private hospitals. This is causing unnecessary budget loss from government to private hospitals.